The correct way to say “Daylight Saving Time”

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Daylight Saving Time on November 1st is now just days away. For us in the Northeast is quickly becomes a normal part of our lives, but do you say it correctly? And do you know the history behind it? The proper usage is actually “Daylight Saving Time”. There is no “S” that is commonly used when speaking about the change. “Daylight Savings Time” is actually the incorrect way to say it. 18 News took to Market Street in Corning and asked three questions to people passing by. The questions and answers are as follows.

Question 1: Is the proper usage “Daylight Saving Time” or “Daylight Savings Time”?

Answer: The proper usage is “Daylight Saving Time.”

Results: 2/9 people answered correctly.

Question 2: Which states do not participate in Daylight Saving Time?

Answer: Arizona and Hawaii

Results: 1/9 people answered correctly.

Question 3: How did Daylight Saving Time originate?

Answer: It originated in World War 1 in 1916 to save energy.

Results: 1/9 people answered correctly.

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