ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – AT&T and Verizon officially launched their high-speed 5G networks overnight.

Phone companies across the country are switching to 5G for phone and internet services. Here in the Southern Tier, fiber broadband remains the go-to source.

“I think what you’re going to see is similar to when rolled out the 3G was network. They’re going to make strategic investments. This is a cost to them to be able to have to build additional towers or leased space on towers, run that fiber optic infrastructure, there’s going to be a cost,” said Jack Wheeler, Manager, Steuben County

In some parts of the Southern Tier, the 5G network is already in use. For other rural areas, there may be a wait.

The responsibility for 5G coverage sits on the shoulders of the phone carriers.

“There’s nothing in terms of 5G that the county can set. It’s all driven by the carriers. There’s nothing that the counties could do to, you know,” said Wheeler

When it comes to your internet service, 5G access may not be a concern for you. Some companies say we already have high-speed internet access.

“The Internet is so important. I think having that reliable high-speed connection with no data caps is very important for users,” said Bob Van Delinder, Director of Marketing, Empire Access

Verizon says 90 million people will have access to the new 5G service this month. at&t said it plans to cover as many as 75 million people with its c-band network by the end of the year.