SAYRE, PA (WETM) – Want to honor the fallen victims from the Vietnam War while not going to Washington, D.C.? Residents in the Twin Tiers can do just that in Sayre, Pennsylvania.

“The Wall That Heals”, a replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, is now open to the public at Riverfront Park. The park is located alongside the Susquehanna River in Sayre.

The wall opened to guests at 3 PM on Wednesday, October 5th and runs until 2 PM on Sunday, October 9th. The wall will be open for viewing 24 hours a day, and will even light up on dark nights.

“It’s absolutely huge and it’s surreal to think about all of the tiny names that are on this long wall,” said Ulster resident Allie Stowell. “It’s something that you don’t get around here every day.”

Guests who visit the wall can also check out the mobile education booth containing various exhibits and photos. Families, high schoolers, and other residents will be guided through the education booth from today to this weekend.

The wall contains over 50,000 names of the fallen victims during the Vietnam War and runs from left field to right field on Ralph Hendershot Field. Benches are placed for people to sit down and take pictures. Donation boxes are also placed on each end for people to show support towards the VVMF.

The VVMF currently has 230 volunteers assisting in the display but is still seeking volunteers for the 8pm-12am night shifts on Sunday. If interested, please contact or inquire at as soon as possible.