TIOGA, PA (WETM) – The spring season is officially here, which means now is a good time to prepare for potential flooding hazards.

March 20-24, 2023 is Flood Awareness Week in Pennsylvania. Flood Awareness Week is an annual event set up by the National Weather Service (NWS) to educate the public on how to better protect themselves from dangerous flooding disasters.

“This is the start of the end of the winter flood season and the beginning of the spring flood season,” said Charles Ross, Hydrologist for the NWS. “So, you know, across Southern New York, Northern Pennsylvania, we’re getting to the point of the year where, you know, we’re gonna see floods from heavy rain. We’ll see floods from thunderstorms as we move later into the spring and summer.”

A topic related to flooding is posted on the NWS’s website every day during the week. Yesterday’s topic focused on flood preparedness and how to receive information on flood alerts. Local news, television, and social media are all good ways to receive flood alerts.

Today’s topic focuses on the quote “turn around, don’t drown.” According to the National Weather Service, more deaths occur due to flooding than from any other severe weather related hazard each year. 6 inches of fast-moving water is enough to carry away an adult, and 12 inches is enough to carry away a small car.

Some areas in Pennsylvania, including Tioga County, are prone to extreme flooding because those areas are next to large rivers. Representative Clint Owlett hopes that the measures he has been working on to prevent flooding and “bring about opportunities for meaningful maintenance of our creeks and streams” gets passed through the State House and Senate this year.

Flooding is usually worse during the summer, because the warmer the Twin Tiers is, the wetter the Twin Tiers can get. This is why the middle of March is a good time for people to start preparing for flooding disasters. For more information on flooding and flooding alerts, check out the Pennsylvania Flood Awareness Week page on the NWS’s website.