NICHOLS, N.Y. (WETM) – Businesses across New York have struggled to recover from the economic devastation of the Coronavirus pandemic.

New numbers show that with tourism back in full swing, the Casinos industry is picking up and thriving.

Most businesses across the country took a hit once the pandemic arrived. However, the Tioga Downs Casino Resort was in a different slot after keeping its doors open.

It wasn’t an easy task to run a casino amidst the pandemic struggles.

“It’s been a challenge. I think that certain things are coming around and, people are starting to get back to normal,” said Jim Weed, Marketing Director, Tioga Downs Resort

Tioga Downs Casino Resort didn’t change despite all the issues that occurred in the past two years.

“Although the casino is open, their still short-staffed in the hospitality department,” said Chelsea McIntyre, Casino Patreon

Tioga Downs Casino Resort is currently revamping its site.

“We’re currently redoing our buffet. That’s going to be exciting. More renovations are being made to put a Dunkin donut in the resort,” said Weed

Tioga Downs Casino Resort is making changes to adjust to the times so that they can continue to be of service to all ages.