TOWANDA, Pa. (WETM) – Police have released more details in a disturbing case of rape, attempted murder and assault, and now animal cruelty, saying a Towanda man who allegedly sent a woman to the hospital with serious injuries also shot, killed and stuffed her dog in a woodstove.

Kevin Jara-Sanchez was arrested last month on eight felony charges for allegedly beating a woman, shooting at her, throwing a knife at her, raping her and threatening to kill her multiple times. The original affidavit said she was sent to the hospital with eight broken ribs, a collapsed lung, internal abdominal bleeding, a broken wrist, “and was bruised head to toe”. According to an updated criminal complaint from Pennsylvania State Police out of Towanda, Jara-Sanchez also allegedly killed and burned her dog “Ozzy”.

Disclaimer: The following details of animal cruelty may be disturbing for some readers.

The criminal complaint said that following the incident and arrest, police executed a search warrant at the home and found at least 11 bullet holes and shell casings in furniture, walls and doorways. Police then found a dog crate outside near an outdoor wood stove. The affidavit said that the bottom of the crate had blood and tissue, and police “checked the outdoor wood stove and found the charred remains of a dog.”

The victim later told police that when Jara-Sanchez allegedly shot at her and the bullets missed, she believed that some of the bullets went through the laundry room door and killed Ozzy on the other side. She said the dog would have been in his crate directly behind the door during the incident.

She claimed that Jara-Sanchez allegedly told her that he knew Ozzy was her favorite dog and that he had killed him. The affidavit said that the victim asked Jara-Sanchez to put Ozzy’s body outside so she could see him when she was discharged from the hospital, but he allegedly refused.

Police said Jara-Sanchez then placed Ozzy in the woodstove and burned him.

The criminal complaint also said that Jara Sanchez’s criminal history showed a prior Aggravated Assault conviction, labeling him as “a person not to possess a firearm.”

Jara-Sanchez now faces an additional felony charge of Aggravated Cruelty to Animals – Causing Serious Bodily Injury or Death. For the alleged rape, attempted murder and assault, he was previously charged with Attempted Criminal Homicide, four counts of Aggravated Assault with attempts to cause serious injury with deadly weapons and extreme indifference, Strangulation, Reckless Endangerment, Rape by Forcible Compulsion, and Sexual Assault.

The criminal complaint said that Jara Sanchez was arraigned on March 23 and denied bail. He has a preliminary hearing scheduled for April 20.