ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – Halloween is just around the corner. It is one of the most exciting holidays for children and adults. Dressing up as your favorite characters is fun, and of course, free candy is great too! But safety does need to come first, even during Holidays.

You and your family can have a great night of trick or treating just by following a few of these safety precautions. When trick or treating, make sure children are walking safely to each house. Running can increase the risk for injury. It is also important to look both ways before crossing the street and keeping an eye out for moving traffic.

While parents might be aware of checking out their kids candy before consumption, there is something parents should keep a special eye out for. Rainbow fentanyl is increasing in popularity and has recently been found in New York State. The pills are often brightly colored and shaped similarly to the candy, Smarties.

Bill Schrom, the Chemung County Sheriff says if anyone thinks they have received anything they shouldn’t have on Halloween, call the police.

“Certainly, always be cautious about where you go,” Schrom said. “When you get back, make sure you check for suspicious types of candy or any other items they may have collected.”