CHEMUNG COUNTY, N.Y. (WETM) — On Jan. 15, Ryan Purvis and Jon Pitman announced they are running for seats on the Chemung County Legislature.

Purvis, of Lowman, announced his intent to run for Chemung County Legislature in District 6.

Pitman, of Big Flats, announced his campaign for Chemung County Legislature in District 2.

Read below to find out more about each candidate:

Purvis – District 6 – (Towns of Elmira, Erin, Baldwin, Chemung, Van Etten, & Village of Van Etten)

Ryan has lived in Lowman, New York his entire life. He graduated in 2003. He has been with his significant other, Jessica, nine and a half years and they have two children together. He is a Republican and stands for American values.

Ryan has experience in various industries because of his many jobs in Chemung County. He has worked as a mechanic, as a CDL truck driver, and he has 10 years of farming experience. Ryan also has experience as a concrete worker and recently, he became the owner and operator of Accumix Mobile Concrete Company.

The blue collar work background Ryan has, and the knowledge he has gained as a small business owner give him insight into the hardships that many Chemung County residents have experienced during the pandemic. Ryan understands the day-to-day trials people face to try and make ends meet.

Ryan has learned what it takes to become a good leader. He believes there is great value in putting that knowledge and experience to good use, which is why he is running for Chemung County Legislator, District 6. He desires to create real change at the local level of government.  

Ryan has always had an interest in government but once he had children, it became more important to him than ever. He wants his children to live in a free county and believes that is the right of anyone who lives in Chemung County. Ryan stands strong on 1st and 2nd Amendment rights as well as the rights of property owners.  

Ryan believes in the Constitution of the United States of America. He believes that criminal activities should be prosecuted justly, and that the zoning needs of our county’s rural areas need to be addressed. Ryan believes the blue collar workers in his district deserve to have a voice.

To stay updated on Ryan Purvis’s campaign, please follow his Facebook page.

Pitman – District 2 – (Town of Big Flats)

Jon hails from Big Flats and has been married to his wonderful wife, Melissa for 18 years. They have three children. Jon attended Heartland Baptist Bible College and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 2001. He currently serves as the Pastor of Central Baptist Church in Corning, New York. 

Jon has work experience in several areas, including graphic design, custom sign fabrication, retail, construction, and the restaurant industry. He has also worked as an ESL teacher and as a substitute teacher. Jon’s main profession is his ministry at Central Baptist Church. He feels that pastoring a church has prepared him to step up as Chemung County Legislator by showing him how to serve other people and help them solve problems. He has built his ministry on putting others’ needs first. 

As a pastor, Jon has also learned how to manage a large budget year by year by keeping it balanced and in the black. His faith has given him a solid anchor in his life and ministry, and he believes it will serve him well in the political sphere as well. 

Jon is conservative, and he describes himself as uninterested in politics. He has a heart for helping and serving the people of Chemung County and feels strongly about several issues, including, fiscal responsibility, lower taxes, deregulation for local businesses, and current social issues. 

Jon believes that the biggest issue people are facing in the 2nd District is feeling helpless and ignored. He states, “People in the 2nd District have no advocate for them. When Albany comes down with harsh and unreasonable demands, someone needs to step in. Those people need an advocate who will stand up for them and be their voice when they have none.” 

Jon goes on to state, “There have been social decisions made by our local officials that defy common sense. They lack a moral foundation. The people need a legislator that will make decisions based on common sense and morals. I want the people of District 2 to know that they have a legislator in their corner who will fight for them on the side of freedom with regards to their personal lives, medical decisions, and the constant threat of draconian crackdowns.”