HORSEHEADS, N.Y. (WETM) — Cale Sutterby and Silas Farrell, seniors at Watkins Glen High School, debuted their entrepreneurial masterpiece named ‘The Cheese Bus” at the Grand Central Plaza in Horseheads today.

Cale and Silas, both 17, said they were asked to think of five business ideas for their high school class. Cale came up with some unique ideas.

“Basically, in class I didn’t know what to put down, so I wrote various cheeses and a DJ food truck,” said Sutterby. “We lost the DJ part for now, but it might come back. We thought a lot of people go up to wineries. They want artisan foods, little knickknacks, jams, and cheeses. So we thought ‘why not bring it to them?'”

So they did.

They are a part of the New Visions program at their school where students get an insider’s view of a professional field to receive hands-on experience.

In June, they are going to an entrepreneurial competition in Tennessee where they can win $5,000 through the FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America).

“If we win, we are going to put [the money] towards the bus which will help pay it off and pay off various other debts,” said Farrell.

As for the future of their cheese endeavors?

“[The goal is] to get a few of them up and running all across the Finger Lakes,” said Sutterby. “The goal, hopefully, is next year to have one or two more and then just manage the company and not even have to work. That is the end dream,” said Farrell.