SOUTHERN TIER, N.Y. (WETM) – This holiday season, those who have wished for fall-like weather will likely have their wish come true.

High temperatures in the low 60’s are likely coming to the Twin Tiers on Thursday, December 16. This is over 20 degrees above the average temperature on that day.

“There is a really anonymously strong low pressure system forming in the Central Plains,” Weather Forecaster Adam Gill said. “So that’s gonna help drive a warm front up through the Northeast that actually makes it well into Canada. So that will help get the temperatures near record high temperatures this week.”

This is good news for those who enjoy fall-like weather, but not so good news for businesses that run outdoor activities during the winter season. This includes outdoor skating rinks as well as outdoor winter sporting events.

Clute Park in Watkins Glen, for example, will likely have to close down their newly opened ice skating rink.

“The way we’ve been working this is that if we can maintain 45 degrees or under, that’s the best condition for the ice,” Watkins Glen Parks and Event Center Manager Craig Bond said. “What we have been doing is just ensuring that for the safety of everybody that the ice is well groomed with the Zamboni that we have and then folks are able to go out on it. So I imagine that this weekend, more like Saturday and Sunday will be better than perhaps Thursday and Friday.”

Clute Park members hope to extend the park’s hours of ice skating for kids later this season when school is out of session and if the weather returns to its seasonable conditions for the rest of the month.

As of now, residents can enjoy, hopefully, one last day this year of wearing shorts and a t-shirt.