ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – Fall foliage is shaping up to look good this year, especially across New York State.

As of now, the best and most scenic fall foliage can be found in the northernmost areas of the United States, including the Adirondacks. As for other areas, travelers may need to wait for at most a month.

Bradford County and Tioga Counties in Pennsylvania are two exceptions. This is because most of the trees in each county are high up in the mountains and experiencing cooler conditions. Cooler weather is one of the factors that can lead to early fall foliage.

According to smokymountains.com, the forecast for fall foliage in 2022 is slowly spreading from north to south in the contiguous United States. Peak fall foliage is non-existent at this point, but may arrive by the beginning of October.

Fall foliage forecast for October 3rd, 2022. Much of the southern U.S. remains unchanged. Photo courtesy of smokymountains.com.
Fall foliage forecast for October 31st, 2022. Each state in the contiguous U.S. has at least a minimal degree of fall foliage. Photo courtesy of smokymountains.com.

By Halloween, each resident in the contiguous United States may get some degree of fall foliage. The forecast is not 100% accurate, but it is close and is based on various factors, including falling temperatures and less sunlight.

As of now, New York residents can catch a glimpse of their state’s fall foliage by looking at the current fall report. This and upcoming fall-related activities can be found on iloveny.com.