ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – Local stores have seen a lot of foot traffic as they prepare for the upcoming snowstorm predicted to arrive between tonight and tomorrow.

Supermarkets have filled their shelves and, residents are purchasing food and other miscellaneous items for emergency tool kits in preparation for the storm.

During this time of the year, snowstorms are common. The first one to arrive during the winter months sets the tone for the remainder of the season. Community members throughout the twin tiers have an idea of how bad a snowstorm can be and have begun prepping for the coming storm.

“People are in today. They waited a little bit because it was cold this morning. They’re coming in today to get ready for the storm. People brought milk, eggs, and bread. Most of the basic stuff, just in case.” said David marks, Owner, Save-A-Lot

Twin Tiers residents aren’t the only ones preparing for major storms. Local supermarkets such as save-a-lot start their preparation process days early to assist people with having what they need during harsh winters.

“We can purchase locally here from different vendors a couple of days ahead. We can get orders in and prepare to get everybody pumped up. We’re able to schedule our staff a little heavier when the storms are coming.” said Marks

Anytime there’s inclement weather in the winter, PennDot’s Kim Smith recommended that you avoid all unnecessary travel unless you have a medical appointment or something that requires immediate attention.

“You want to know before you go you want to check five on one pa.com or use a smartphone app. There you can check road conditions you can even track the plows to see where the plows are at the moment,” said Kim Smith, Safety Press Officer, PennDot

If you notice a plow truck nearby, drive behind the plow to remain safe as you travel during severe weather conditions.