ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM-TV) – When it comes to keeping a New Year’s resolution, research out of Scranton University found only 19% of people follow through. With diet being one of the more popular resolutions made, it appears many people are giving up on their diet early on in the New Year. 18 News spoke with a local registered dietitian and founder of Nexus NutritionAlexander LeRitz-Salisbury, who shared why this is the case.

“The word diet has such a negative connotation,” said LeRitz-Salisbury. “You come to this mindset – I’m going to restrict this and, it’s going to help me. However, the first thing your brain says is, I wish I could have that,” he continued. 

LeRitz-Salisbury said restriction does not work long-term. He says you should set small, realistic, and sustainable goals for yourself. “Write them down, and keep them where you may see them every day,” LeRitz-Salisbury said. 

For more on how you can make realistic and sustainable goals, watch our digital extra with Alexander in this story.