Tops employee takes home “best grocery bagger” title in New York


Sabrina Martone, a Big Flats grocery store employee, tops all other grocery baggers across New York State.

She works at Tops Supermarket. She represented her store in a state-wide bagging competition, bringing home the title of champion, and soon bagging in another competition.

“We had to be very quick at bagging groceries,” Martone said. “The bags had to weigh the same, no glass on glass, can’t stack cans, quickness, appearance.”

At first, it was a competition between just Tops Supermarkets. She came out, on top, and faced other 13 contenders from other supermarket chains.

“Shock, instant shock,” She said. “I was excited, nervous, everything all at once.”

Her store was rooting for her.

“We got the news that she won and it just created that excitement in the store,” Donna Grimes, the manager of the Big Flats Tops Supermarket, said, “right down to every department just cheering her on.”

She’s the champion in New York. Next stop– Las Vegas.

“There’s another competition there,” Martone said. It’s all of us, not just New York State and then if I get that, it’s $10,000″

$10,000, and the title of best grocery store bagger in the entire United States. She’ll face baggers from the other 49 states, something Martone said she’d never dream of doing.

“More than a dream, it was a shock to me,” she said. “As soon as I heard my name, I couldn’t believe it.”

She’s now training for it. Her store is doing all it can to prepare their champion, for the Olympics of grocery bagging.

“I think overall, she’ll be fine and just continuing to give her pep talks,” Grimes said.

At the end of the day, it’s a sport Martone won’t be retiring from any time soon.

“I love it, I love who I work with, I love what I do everyday,” she said. “I just love being around customers, I’m a people person.”

Julio did go head-to-head with her in a small bagging competition set up for him and Sabrina. Don’t forget to see the highlights, here.

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