NEW YORK (WSYR-TV) — If you have travel plans this summer to go to Europe, South America, Australia or any other foreign country, you can get your foreign currency at AAA.

Bookings for international travel are up more than 200% this year, so if you want to purchase foreign currency, AAA in Western and Central New York is once again offering international travelers the opportunity to do so at preferred exchange rates.

Converting your cash into local currency before your trip saves you time and money especially if you can’t find an ATM right away.

Converting your U.S. cash beforehand saved you from unexpected fees from ATMs and debit or credit cards on small purchases. Although foreign transaction fees may be small, they can mount quickly, and banks or credit card issuers may decline transactions or place holds on your card to limit perceived fraudulent charges.

“The foreign currency service is about providing convenience and peace of mind,” said Brian Murray, Sr. Manager of Travel at AAA Western and Central New York. “Consider how often you shop at local markets, hail taxis, stop for a sweet treat, or provide gratuity at restaurants when traveling. Being prepared with cash in hand so you can enjoy your trip from the moment you arrive is just one more way AAA ensures the best possible experience for its members and international travelers.”

According to AAA data, the most popular summer travel destinations are Europe and Canada. with London seeing the biggest increase in bookings over the past year as well as Rome, Paris, Dublin, and Barcelona. Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary are the most popular Canadian destinations.

AAA is now offering foreign currency exchanges at competitive rates through its partnership with Currency Exchange International (CXI), which offers more than 80 currencies. When traveling internationally, airports are notoriously the most expensive place to exchange currency. Travelers can avoid the potential for inflated exchange rates and fees at their destinations by securing currency ahead of time.

How to get your foreign currency through AAA

If you want to order your foreign currency online, you can order at AAA’s website for home delivery, however, you’re subject to a $34.95 online fee. Currency orders under $1,000 will be charged a $12 shipping fee.

You can also call by phone at (888) 320-3163 or visit a local AAA office to order by phone. Currency can be picked up at the AAA office in two business days.

Lastly, you can always visit a AAA Western and Central New York office to order currency which can be picked up at the AAA office in two business days.

If you want to save the $19.95 processing fee for all phone and in-person orders for non-AAA Members, sign up to be a AAA Member online and have the processing fee waived when you order via phone or in-person.