Update on tornado damage in Bradford County


Residents in Franklin Township are still picking up the pieces after an EF-2 tornado touched down shortly after 8 pm on June 13.

The tornado left a path of destruction reaching over 5 miles long, and 250 yards across. 
The maximum wind speeds of 120 mph luckily didn’t cause any injuries or fatalities.

It’s hard to believe that just two weeks ago, this very same spot in Franklin Township looked like this. It’s even harder to imagine that where a camper now sits used to be someone’s home before a tornado ripped through changing resident’s lives forever. 

“It’s amazing the community that jumped in and the neighbors that you don’t get a chance to talk to you all the time,” said Edward Pepper, co-owner of Pepper’s Auction House. “But, when there’s a disaster or something, everybody jumps in big time.”

Nearly two weeks after that tornado touchdown and devastated this community. neighbors are still working together helping to clean up the mess it left behind.

Ed and Pam Pepper’s daughter is one of them. After seeing the outpour of support for not only her, but everyone touched by the tornado, the Pepper’s decided to open up their auction barn as a donation drop off and volunteer center. Pam said their still serving food to volunteers who stop in after working to restore the lives residents here used to know. 

“It’s just gratifying to know that they all sit here.” said Pam Pepper, co-owner of Pepper’s Auction House. “They could be strangers. but they all come together.”

Although residents in Franklin Township are starting to see some progress, some say the damage will last even past cleanup. 

“The ones affected I think are going to be bothered for a long time, just by the impact of it all.” Pam Pepper said. “I know just the storms that we’ve had this week, last night they had warnings again on their phones, which made them all very jumpy and I think apprehensive you know.”

The Peppers say the auction barn remains open to those in need, and that they’ve started a fund for monetary donations.

“It’s amazing.” Edward Pepper said. “We’re just a little community that doesn’t mean anything to anybody, but when something happens like that people step up. It’s amazing.”

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