WELLSBORO, Pa. (WETM) – The owner of Scheetz Sew Creative honors her friend’s life with a passion they shared by opening the Sylvia J. Smith Spool House.

After fighting a long battle with cancer, Erin and Todd Scheetz opened Scherzo Own Creative in 2019.
Erin met Sylvia during their treatment and became the best of friends until earlier this year. Sylvia suddenly lost her life due to COVID-19. However, her personality and love for others left a mark that couldn’t be replaced.

“I went to all my appointments before my cancer treatment, and I kept seeing this lady sitting in the waiting room, same as I was and the day of our surgery, I kind of spoke up and I said, Hey, you, you know you look familiar. We found the connection and we just became friends from that day forward. She knitted she weaved, she spun and she crocheted, you know if it had fiber to it, she did it and she did it to like I said, she turned everything she touched into gold,” said Erin.

Sylvia was known in the community for her award-winning talents. Her artwork and quilts can be viewed at the Gmeiner Art & Cultural Center in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania. Erin continues the shared love of caregiving by teaching children at the Sylvia Smith Spool House how to quilt and paint this fall.

“We named it the Sylvia J. Smith spoolhouse because when Silvia passed in January, she asked that donations be made to our shop. Instead of flowers. We contemplated and we said all we could do was a bench, we could do a plaque and we thought, no, she would not have wanted us to invest money in something like that and she was always wanting to teach people to well, and to get them to be more creative. And so this is going to be the place where we can encourage people to learn and be more creative, ” Erin added.