Video Proves Black Ice Isn’t Drivable

By Reilly Brennan, AOL Autos

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We’re big proponents of the preparation that should go into your winter driving strategy.

There are small seasonal things you can do from a maintenance front and there are mundane (but often forgotten) steps such as cleaning off all the snow from your vehicle before you go for a drive.

All will help the car, but in the end the best preparation you can give yourself is a mental one. Driving during inclement weather requires focus and attention unlike other times of the year, not only for the control of your own vehicle but for the possibility that other cars near you on the road could lose control. You need to anticipate all the different scenarios and do that which you can to eliminate or minimize them.

That being said, sometimes the weather’s just too much. Sometimes the ice is too thick, the visibility is limited and there’s little else to do but park your car and wait it out.

A new video that’s been making the rounds on the internet is a good example of how some people continue to think they can outdrive their environment. Some conditions just aren’t made for driving, no matter your skill level behind the wheel.

Check out this recent clip taken above a public square in Paignton in England.

The Paignton video brings up other moments of ice shenanigans that have captured our attention over the years.

Ice driving pinball in the American northwest:

A reminder of the dangers of ice building over bridges

In The Netherlands, where the ice “takes over” around :52

Black ice in Korea

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