(WSYR-TV) — If you think your house is haunted, you might be right, as according to a new study, many Americans believe in haunted houses.

A new survey from All Star Home, has revealed that many Americans experience paranormal activity inside their home, and a handful believe their home is haunted.

Whether it’s strange footsteps echoing in the hallway, or an eerie presence when you’re alone, after surveying more than 1,000 Americans, two in five admitted they’ve experienced unusual or unexplained occurrences at home.

Strange sounds and experiences in homes were also common reports from the survey, including:

  • More than one in three report hearing unexplained sounds such as footsteps or voices
  • Nearly one in five have seen apparitions or ghostly figures
  • One in 10 have used a Ouija board at home, but 42% say they’d never do it again

What are the most common paranormal experiences in a home?

According to the survey, common paranormal experiences in a house include the following:

  • Strange sounds
  • Animals acting weirdly
  • Ghosts or strange shadows
  • Lights turning on or off
  • Strange voices
  • Unexplained or unusual smells

Some people were brave enough to share some of their own encounters, such as stationary objects moving on their own like doors and windows, and several reported lights turning on or off.

A handful of people in the survey had even more frightening encounters, including a 60-year-old woman who believed to see an actual ghost in her home.

“When we moved into our new home, my son was two, and we were playing in the basement. He said, ‘who is that woman?’ I turned around and I had a brief glimpse of something – it was a flash – nothing more. He said he had seen her here for a while. I found out later that the owner’s mom died in the house.”

Even more frightening, a 65-year-old man shared that one time something appeared to push his mom while they were standing in the living room of her home, and seconds later, a ceiling fixture fell right where she had been standing. 

Others shared they found strange or weird objects in their home from prior owners that made them believe something ghostly was there.

“I found a civil war sword in the crawlspace under the kitchen floor, along with an old rifle. The original owner was killed with a rifle by his son. They never found the gun,” said a 58-year-old woman in the survey.

According to the survey, the most common rooms for strange occurrences to happen include:

  • The Bedroom (49%)
  • The Living Room (26%)
  • The Kitchen (23%)
  • The Hallway/ Stairs (21%)
  • The Basement (12%)

Is my house haunted?

If you’re questioning your house’s possibility of being haunted, you aren’t alone, as one in six Americans believe their home is haunted.

It’s mostly believed that older homes are haunted as many people have lived in the house and might have even died in the house. Although that is just a myth, many believe it to be true with 52% of people believing in the ghost stories of an old house.

“I live in a 60-70-year-old house. I’ve heard my name called multiple times when I’ve been alone. I’ve heard talking, smelled cigarette smoke (no one smokes) and even heard music. I think it’s my grandfather who smoked and played music in a country band,” said a 39-year-old man in the survey.

88-year-old homes are believed to be the average age of homes where people report unusual experiences.

Older homes often get a bad reputation because of this, with 31% of Americans admitting old homes freak them out, and only 24% admitting they would buy a haunted house.

However, it seems like you can’t go anywhere in the U.S. without hearing stories about a local haunted house, as 43% say their community has local ghost legends or stories.

With all that being said, you might be hearing noises or smelling weird smells because your house is in need of repairs, not because it’s haunted.

All Star Home recommends repairing siding, a deteriorating roof, and the radiator can all help get rid of any spooky creaks and cracks, as home maintenance is key to keeping a house free of weird noises.


All Star Homes surveyed 1,017 Americans in August, 2023, about their paranormal experiences. The survey consisted of 49% were women, 49% were men, 1% were non-binary, and 1% would rather not say. Respondents ranged in age from 19 to 94 with an average age of 42.