ADAMSVILLE, Pa. (WKBN) – Imagine getting out of your car, ready for a weekend getaway, and you run into an emu — that’s what happened to one woman during her wedding weekend in the Valley.

This past weekend, First News reported about a missing emu in Mercer County — it appears this emu is the same one.

Kirsten Conti and a friend stayed at Sparrow Hill in Adamsville for her wedding this weekend but when they arrived, they found a new guest to invite.

“It was just walking around by us. It tried getting into my car at one point,” Kirsten said.

So, she took a selfie and sent this photo to the venue owner, who called Kirsten back confused.

Bride Kirsten Conti runs into emu in Adamsville
Courtesy: Kirsten Conti

“‘Does it not live here?’ And she goes, ‘No, oh my god. Get inside, those things might be mean,'” Kirsten said.

“She sends me a picture and I said, ‘Oh, don’t get close to that. Is that an ostrich?'” asked Nick Conti, Kirsten’s husband. “Those things will chase you. Don’t get close to it.”

For an hour, they hid from the emu in the cottage. Then, Nick showed up.

“So then I got there and he’s just walking right around my truck. I was like, huh?” Nick said.

Both Nick and Kirsten said it never tried to harm them. They said the venue owners brought it into a barn until its owners picked it up.

“The kids, actually, of the owners of the venue named it Rogue. This emu actually didn’t have a name. So they kept it and named it Rogue and they actually stuffed it into a Nissan Rogue, to take it back to where it came from,” Kirsten said.

Which made Kirsten a little sad to hear that Rogue had left.

“I was like, if he wants to crash the wedding, he can come. I don’t care,” Kirsten said. “No other emus showed up. We did have a big praying mantis outside that was there for two days.”

Kirsten and Nick say it ended up being the topic of conversation for the weekend.