DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — Albino deer are exceedingly rare, so when a North Carolina resident spotted one walking in the woods behind her home Thursday morning she grabbed the first recording device she could find.

Kelly Hammer, of North Durham, said she was in her kitchen around 7 a.m. when she looked outside and spotted several deer – one of which was all white.

Hammer said she didn’t have a good camera nearby so she grabbed her iPhone and tiptoed outside to capture some pictures and video. After going outside, the rest of the deer ran off, but the albino deer wasn’t in a hurry and “casually walked around for a few minutes,” she said.

Hammer, who sent the video to Nexstar affiliate WNCN, described it as “absolutely beautiful” and said that while deer are a common sight in her neighborhood, seeing the albino deer was something she never expected.

“It is always great to see the fawns with their moms,” Hammer said. “I have always heard about albino deer and never thought I would get to see one — especially in my own backyard!”

According to the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, albinism is exceedingly rare and may only be observed in one in every 30,000 deer.

While there are no restrictions on hunting albino deer in North Carolina, many hunters believe that anyone who kills a white deer will experience a long run of bad luck.