The Dating App for dog lovers


A sitting black Chow Chow puppy!A 12 weeks male puppy dog with a blue tongue on green grass.

If you love dogs and haven’t had too much luck finding someone who feels the same way, we might have the perfect app for you. 

Its called Dig, and it’s marketed as “The Dog Person’s Dating App”. It matches its users like most instant dating apps. You can upload photos of yourself and your dog, a brief bio, and view photos on your potential matches’ profiles. 

But what sets it apart? This app has features that helps users plan dog-friendly dates, get tips from vets and trainers, and includes the option to filter matches based on age, distance and even dog size. It’s also LGBTQ friendly. 

Every day you get five potential matches, and you can decide if you “dig” them, “really dig” them, or want to “pass”.

You don’t actually have to own a dog to use the app, there’s an indicator for people who just love dogs and are looking to own soon. 

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