ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – Glove house board members, WETM staff, local leaders, and community members met in front of the 18 News studio to bring awareness to child abuse prevention month.

“I really hope the community can see that this problem is still there. It grows every day. And that glove house. We’re positioned to help. We have programs that can help not only children but families and trauma and, that’s what we strive to do every day.” said Curt Bartenstein, Board Member, Glove House.

Local leaders and community members gathered here together at WETM at the news to please blooping wills in the ground to support child abuse awareness month.

“It represents abused children and, it’s supposed to bring awareness to children not only in our community but all over the country and really focus on the problem of abuse with our children,” said Bartenstein.

Having people together to participate and combat child abuse through this initiative touches the hearts of many in the area.

“It means family and joining together to help conquer a problem in our community and to have the community recognize that children are in need,” said Donna Cornin, Director, Glove House.

Glove house organization believes that even as April comes to a close, the work to fight against child abuse continues.

“Every day of my life, Saturdays and Sundays, holidays, kids are in trouble. We have to be ready to step up,” said Corbin.

Glove house is always willing to help children and families in the community and provide prevention methods for child abuse cases.

We urge any one in the community to stop by and show their respects to child abuse awareness month.
If you know someone experiencing child abuse, you can get assistance on the Prevent Child Abuse Website.