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SAYRE, N.Y. (WETM)- One year ago, Bobbi Stockholm’s life changed forever. After being told by her doctor the her health was declining due to her weight, she made an appointment for the Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass.

“I was only thirty-one at the time and she said, if you don’t get your blood sugar levels under control, we are going to have to start you on insulin and being a nurse I was like, I know how terrible that can be for patients and for people and it’s really bad for your health so I was OK, I need help, I need a long term solution to keep the weight off,” Stockholm explained.

Stockholm’s motivation to get healthy was not only for herself but for her son Henry. She says that they have a very special bond and that she needed to be here a long time for her child. She also noticed that her life choices, such as her diet, was affecting her boy.

“I looked at him too and I could see that my eating habits were affecting him, like he was the face of childhood obesity as well, like because he was eating the same fast-food that I was eating and I justified it because, by saying, I’m a busy mom, like I don’t have time, I’m running around, working full time, so we are just grabbing quick meals, and it really affected me and it definitely takes a toll on him,” Stockholm.

Now to keep off the weight, Stockholm sticks to a strict diet and exercise. She recalls her first intake meeting at the weight loss center, that she was instructed to set an exercise goal. She paints a picture of the other people in the room setting goals of 30 minutes of working out. She knew that in her condition working out that much was not obtainable. But that didn’t break her down. She made achievable goals and built up from there.

“So on my sheet, I wrote down that I wanted to be able to walk for ten minutes straight three times a week that was it, that was my goal… now I actually am doing, I do two miles in half an hour, so, it’s just become part of like, my daily routine,” said Stockholm.

For now, she continues to shed off the pounds and stays active with her son and uses her life experiences to help others in her shoes.

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