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ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – As school shootings continue to be an issue nationwide some parents are looking to take action into their own hands when it comes to the safety of their child. One option, bulletproof backpacks.

18 news went back to school shopping–finding a bulletproof backpack at an affordable cost, we then put it to the test, to see just how well they work.

Tragedies like the one at Saugus High School are becoming all too common….and companies like Guard Dog Security are trying to come up with ways of keeping your children safe.

We were curious. Are these backpacks affordable? Are they something that anyone who would like one could afford? And also how effective are they at stopping a bullet?

So we took to the internet to find a backpack of our own. One that we thought was reasonably priced.

After a quick google search, we found one at Sears online store for one-hundred dollars. The Guard Dog Pro Shield 2.

It had the look of any ordinary backpack, nothing flashy, nothing that stood out that screamed “hey I’m bulletproof” it appeared very discrete.

But it’s still a backpack and something to lug around all of your books, binders, and notes with.

After a few in-office tests, it passed the on effectiveness, but when thinking bulletproof your mind tends to think heavy-duty but that was not the case, the backpack was lightweight.

So now for the most important test we reached out to Elmira Police Departments SWAT officers to test is this thing actually bulletproof. 18 News reporter Matt Paddock geared up as we got ready to test out its bulletproof claims.

After the first shot, officers saying “nothing in the back, it didn’t come through and you can feel the projectile on the inside of this piece”.

But even though the bullet didn’t penetrate officers saying that there’s more than likely going to be blunt trauma from impact.

We tested 4 rounds and even the officers were impressed with the durability saying ” you said that’s the cheapest one?”

Bulletproof backpacks are just one of the ways companies are trying to give parents a sense of ease as they send their children off to school. Reporting for 18 News I’m Matt Paddock

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