ELMIRA, NY (WETM)- Currently in PA, abortions are legal and according to Governor Tom Wolf, it will remain legal and safe as long as he is governor.

In Pennsylvania, abortions can happen up until 24 weeks into the pregnancy or after if the mother is at risk.

There is also a counseling session that has to happen, designed to try and persuade mothers in a different direction and then there is a 24 hour mandatory wait period.

Also in PA, if you are a juvenile considering abortion, the parents must consent.

Governor Wolf saying in a statement, “I will continue to veto any legislation that threatens access to abortion and women’s health care.”

With that being said, should Roe v. Wade be overturned, it seems unlikely any greater restrictions would be added considering Wolfs stance on abortion.

His term is soon coming to an end and depending on who the next governor is, there could be a possibility for more restrictions on abortion rights.

Congressman Fred Keller believes an overturn in Roe v. Wade is the right thing to do.

“We should protect life because people who do not protect life aren’t going to protect anything else of yours either. I think it really comes down to that, that statement, that if you’re not willing to protect somebody’s life, you’re not going to stand up for any other any other other rights,” says Keller.

Keller adds “…when 2 healthy people go in for a medical procedure and only 1 comes out, that’s not health care.”

While we await the decision, Keller says life begins at conception and we need to respect all life.