ELMIRA, NY (WETM)- The Elmira Police Department have been receiving miscellaneous reports about people being shot at with something that looks like a BB gun.

According to EPD, kids have been going around to neighborhoods and other places shooting people with orbeez guns.

These aren’t like normal bb guns, instead of a pellet, it’s more of a gel-type ball that comes out of these toys.

Police are still warning that these can cause damage if struck in the face or eye.

“They’re still dangerous if they’re not utilized appropriately. But we think that people are kids are using these more of a nuisance. They’re having fun with them, I think with the intent just to harass and annoy and alarm and not to go out and actually try to hurt or damage property,” says Chief Tony Alvernaz.

Alvernaz adds that no matter what police are against anybody using this type of toy in this manner.

He adds that anyone that uses these toys in this manner could face charges, no matter their age.

These individuals could face charges like harassment, disorderly conduct, possible criminal mischief, or attempted assault if somebody does sustain an injury.

Alvernaz adds that to his knowledge, no property has been damaged yet.

The most recent report of this happened at Wegmans, construction workers reported that they were shot at but chose to not pursue charges.

If you do get shot at by these toy guns you’re asked to call the police immediately.