Will Pennsylvania legalize recreational marijuana?


The “Keystone” state debating whether or not to legalize marijuana. On Tuesday, the states Lt. Governor made a stop at Mansfield University on his listening tour.

To legalize marihuana or not to legalize marijuana? That was the question Pennsylvania’s Lt. Governor John Fetterman has been charged by Governor Tom Wolf to ask. 

“I think that’s what democracy really is at its root, said Fetterman. “It’s actually making yourself available to talk with people about where their views really are on this subject.”

While Tuesday nights listening session at Mansfield University showed a majority of people are in favor of the legalizing it, the issue is not clear cut.

Many shared their sentiments on why it should be legal, stating, it’s not right to be imprisoned for carrying “green flowers”, while real “criminals” roam the streets. Some even think not legalizing it will make matters worse. 

“I think we should do away with laws that are based on a moral code,” said Bryn Hammerstron. ” The prohibition of alcohol didn’t work, as one speaker mentioned and prohibition of marijuana as one speaker said, it intentionally put against minorities and poor people.”

Some also mentioned how the state could profit from taxation of the drug saying the money could be put back into drug research, however, not everyone is sold on the idea. 

Wellsboro resident Kieth Williams, who does not support legalization said, ” I certainly don’t want it to be about money. Just because we can make money off of it, doesn’t make it wise.”

While Keith is outwardly against legalizing marijuana until further research is done, there are many, both, who are undecided and in support of legalization; who share his views about safety concerns.

Overall, Tioga County will go down as in support of legalizing marijuana.

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