ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — A bill that would require players on female school sports teams to have been assigned female at birth is currently in committee in the New York State Senate.

New York State Senator George M. Borello (R,C) in the 57th Senate District sponsored Senate Bill S6259 in the 2023-2024 Legislative Sessions.

The bill — which current status is in committee — is summarized by the New York State Senate to say it would “protect women’s sports in middle school and high school from unfair competition.”

Section One of the bill, according to the summary of specific provisions, amends the education law by adding a new section 3229 which says any sport sponsored by a public or private school should not allow people “other than those assigned people at birth to join such team or participate in such sport if such athletic team or sport is expressly designated solely for female athletes.”

According to justification listed on the New York State Senate’s website, “biological disparities and testosterone in biological men pose insurmountable barriers for biological women competing against men in sports.”

The justification adds that this legislation is necessary in ensuring fair and equal opportunities for women in sports is maintained by ensuring a level playing field.

Statewide advocacy organization Equality New York responded to the bill, saying they have been keeping track of the “anti-trans and anti-drag legislation across the nation.” They add the organization is “disheartened that New York State has now joined other states that are actively attacking our Transgender and Non-binary youth.

EQNY says they urge the Legislature to not support the bill and will be “hosting an action to make sure the bill is defeated.”

If passed, the bill would take effect on July 1 following the date that the bill becomes a law.