Wound training at a local nursing home


CORNING, NY (WETM) – Some of the staff at the Corning Center nursing home are brushing up on techniques that can save lives.

Wound care techniques are critical knowledge to have for the staff at a nursing home. At the Corning Center, they estimate that a quarter of the patients that come into the home have wounds.

“It’s significant in our daily treatment,” said Registered Nurse and Unit Manager Shayna Labuski. “we have probably over 25 percent of our population come in with wounds whether it be vascular, surgical or pressure injuries, they can turn septic and end up back in the hospital so quickly so being on top of what they have coming in as well as making sure that they don’t develop something in house is really important in their day to day life.”

They get training on wound care at least once a year. Labuski said that hands-on learning helps them retain the information and as health care is always changing it is good to be kept to date with new techniques and receive a refresher on old ones.

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