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You Have An Increased Risk Of Heart Disease With Diabetes


“[It] makes you more likely to have heart disease about 4 to 5 times increased risk of having heart disease if you have diabetes and is worse for women,” Guthrie Cardiologist, Dr. Venu Thirumurti said.

Diabetes is treatable, but even with your glucose levels under control, you can still be at risk for developing heart disease.

Diabetes makes plaque build up more likely and it makes heart attacks more likely. 

“The heart’s own arteries are attacked by cholesterol and diabetes makes it more likely that cholesterol gets into the artery walls throughout every artery system especially inside the heart,” Dr. Thirumurti said.

People with diabetes may have similar conditions as people with heart disease: high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol, obesity, and/or lack of physical activity.

So it would only make sense that ways to avoid heart disease and diabetes would be the same too.  Exercise and diet with a low calorie, low carbohydrate and low saturated fat intake.

“The treatment is the same, except that we are much more aggressive with lowering your other risk factors for heart problems, such as high blood pressure, smoking, high cholesterol,” Dr. Thirumurti said.

About 68 percent of people with diabetes die of heart disease or stroke. Diabeti’cs symptoms of heart disease may differ from people without diabetes.

“Unfortunately, they don’t have the same kind of symptoms that people without diabetes would have and all they may feel is generally very tired, unwell. Vague discomfort either in the arms or chest,” Dr. Thirumurti said.

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