VETERAN, N.Y. (WETM) – Voters in the Town of Veteran have voted to prohibit the licensing of cannabis retail dispensaries and licensing of on-site cannabis consumption establishments by the Cannabis Control Board.

The proposition received 54.36 percent of the vote in favor of prohibiting retail cannabis dispensaries, but the measure passed by just 48 votes.

Veteran was the only Chemung County community to have a marijuana dispensary law on the ballot this year.

Cities, towns, and villages may opt-out of allowing adult-use cannabis retail dispensaries or on-site consumption licenses by passing a local law by December 31, 2021, or nine months after the effective date of the legislation. Communities cannot opt out of adult-use legalization.

Smoking marijuana is tied to New York’s Clean Air Act, the same as tobacco products. It allows weed to be smoked in the same places tobacco is, said TFL Attorney Christine Taylor. This could change, but ” generally you can’t say you can’t smoke weed here if you allow tobacco,” she said. Localities could also eventually make further laws regulating public use. Federal property is an exception.