HARRISBURG, Pa. (WETM) – As the clock strikes midnight on Pennsylvania’s primary election, the GOP Senate race is too close to call. David McCormick and Mehmet Oz are neck-and-neck, with a significant amount of remaining votes still to be counted, as of Tuesday night.

Senate races across the country are being watched closely, but, political observers agree that Pennsylvania’s race has been the most interesting to follow.

While Democratic nominee, John Fetterman was called very early on in the night, the Republican race is in a deadlock. Dr. Mehmet Oz and David McCormick separated by only a couple thousand votes.

TV show celebrity, Dr. Oz, is Donald Trump’s endorsement for this race. If the remaining votes don’t pull Oz ahead of McCormick, he would be one, of just two, of the former president’s endorsements that did not become the party’s nominee.

Party strategists on both sides say if McCormick wins the nomination, Pennsylvania can expect an intense battle for the suburbs.

Firmly in third place is commentator, Kathy Barnette. While she is the closest candidate, by far, to trail behind the two frontrunners, the gap is still sizeable. The remaining number of votes to be counted is unlikely to change her fate.

This trifecta is what has made this race so interesting to watch.

Frontrunners, Dr. Oz and McCormick have spent more than $54 million dollars on ads, setting a record for a Senate primary in the commonwealth. Barnette who campaigned with a shoestring budget, came in last week with a late surge in the polls, catching many off-guard.

However, former President Donald Trump expressed disapproval of Barnette, saying in a statement that she would never be able to win the general election in November.

This senate race has put a spotlight on Pennsylvania, as Republicans try to gain a majority in the senate.
Currently, the U.S. Senate is split down the middle, with 50 Republicans and 50 Democrats. This race will be one of several races across the country in November, close enough for either party to gain a couple of seats, giving them that majority.