ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) — Veteran Tompkins County legislator, Mike Sigler, filed to run in the Congressional 23rd district this afternoon, just hours before the deadline. 

Sigler had spent the past four months running for the 22nd when Tompkins County was a part of that district. However, the special master, who redrew the congressional maps, took Tompkins out of the 22nd.  It did not put Tompkins in the 23rd where it had been for the past decade, but instead, put it in the new 19th district.

“I’ve lived in the old 23rd and still work in the new 23rd,” said Sigler. “For 20 years, I’ve worked out of the Park Outdoor offices on the Miracle Mile in Elmira. When I first moved to Upstate New York for a job at WENY, I lived on 3rd street in Corning, down from my Congressman Amo Houghton who represented a large part of this district. I later worked at WETM. This district holds my first experiences in New York 25 years ago.”

About Mike Sigler

Sigler is a Tompkins County Legislator and the Tompkins County GOP chairman.  He has been a legislator for 13 years and chairman for 15. In his race for the 22nd, he garnered 100 percent republican committee support and had almost $200,000 cash on hand when he first reported fundraising. 

“I’m expecting a large primary field,” said Sigler. “I’ve driven a lot of this district’s roads and been in hundreds of businesses in the district. I’m looking forward to representing this rural district that is the size of the state of New Jersey.”

Sigler is married, a father, a private pilot, and a graduate of Northeastern and Columbia University.  His family stretches back five generations in Upstate New York.  He started his on-air reporting career at WENY in Horseheads and later moved to WETM in Elmira.  He ran for the Assembly in 2002.  He serves on the Tompkins County Industrial Development Agency and the Chamber of Commerce Board.  He’s a past Chairman of the Tompkins County Legislature and has served on every committee.  He serves on the legislature in addition to his full-time job at Park Outdoor.