NEW MILFORD, PA (WETM) – The Youth Advocate Programs Inc is continuously helping families with support

In the middle of a harsh climate that’s promoting isolation and depression, the program is still doing its part to make sure they point today’s youth to a self-sufficient future

YAP, is a non-profit agency that provides community-based alternatives to out of home care, the primary focus is providing direct service to vulnerable and high need youth and families and those with developmental disabilities.

The nationally recognized organization helps youth and families involved in numerous systems, including Child Welfare, Juvenile Justice, Behavioral Health, Developmental Disabilities, Education, and Adult Systems.

18 News spoke with one local family who has personally been receiving support from YAP, who said the program has changed the entire family’s lives.

If it wasn’t for the program, he probably would still be hitting up continuously. He’s a very good boy now he really understands what he’s doing, and he looks at everything as an objective and takes that goal and hits the mark.

Andrew Kelley, Father