Act of kindness: Syracuse couple transforms their front porch into a free market

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SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — A Syracuse couple has opened their hearts and front porch to those who need it most during this challenging time.

Scott and Tammy Upham, who live in the Strathmore neighborhood of Syracuse, have transformed their front yard into a market.

“Our slogan is take what you need and leave what you can and basically anyone can come and take whatever they need,” said Scott Upham, co-founder of The Shoppe at Strathmore.

“We started out with a very basic idea, a very basic framework and from the generosity of this neighborhood and a little bit outside, it’s just been amazing,” said Upham.

It started as a small idea to give back to their community and in just two weeks, it’s quickly grown into something much more.

“We have everything from dry goods, foods, to pet supplies, books, DVDs… it just grows by the day,” said Upham.

While Scott and his wife are spreading the good news and running the porch, they say it’s only been a success because of the help they’ve received from their neighbors.

“It’s coming from this neighborhood. I mean, we’ve had some people outside of the neighborhood donate, but it’s mostly come from the Strathmore neighborhood. We’ve gone and promoted this on social media and people have just been phenomenal about reaching out to us and just bringing stuff.”


The front porch at Strathmore has already reached dozens. It’s a time where ordinary people are doing extraordinary things.

“We are nothing but ordinary people and that’s why if you have an idea to do this for your community, by all means, it doesn’t take much to start and it promotes a lot of good and a lot of people love it because it is good news,” said Upham.

On Sunday, the couple is planning on having a socially-distanced Easter giveaway for kids from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Close to 150 small goodie bags with candy will fill the Upham’s front lawn.

The Upham’s are continuing to accept donations as a way to keep the market going. The Venmo account is @ShoppeStrathmore.

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