Final push from candidates before primary

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It’s the eve of the primary, and as typical of election season, some people are getting a little tired of the whole campaign push.

“I’ve never interacted with that campaign in any way shape or form so I don’t know why they felt it was okay to message me,” Jeff Levack, a radio reporter at 1045 The Team WTMM-FM, said.

Levack says he was sitting at home last night when he got a text message close to 9 p.m. asking him who he is voting for.

After replying that he did not wish to disclose this information, he still got two more texts from Cynthia Nixon’s campaign.

“If you want to take me away from an incumbent, whether you like or dislike the incumbent, the least you can do is actually interact with me like a human not give me a last second text like a friend who is about to miss dinner.”

He’s not the only one. People have been reaching out on Twitter saying they also have been receiving texts from Nixon’s campaign.

A spokeswoman for Nixon says this is an effort to reach more millennial voters and spread the word of the campaign, but did not respond to questions on where the campaign got their list of names and numbers.

“I’m already on the do not call registry, there is no reason to use my phone at all. I was a little frustrated.”

Governor Cuomo’s campaign has been laying a little more silent the past few days, after the state’s Democratic committee sent out a mailer calling Nixon anti-Semitic over the weekend.  They say someone acted alone, somehow spending roughly $11,000, without the campaign’s approval. Gov. Andrew Cuomo who funds and is the head of the party is still denying any involvement

“I don’t deploy those negative tactics and I don’t want the democratic party of this state doing it,” Gov. Cuomo said.

The New York Post is reporting that they received emails and texts from people inside Cuomo’s campaign alerting them that they were sending out a mailer about Nixon, a day before the harmful letter was sent out.

“He controls the democratic state committee. The idea that he had no idea this was happening is patently absurd,” Nixon said.

Nixon and Gov. Cuomo will be facing each other on Thursday. 

If you can vote, make sure you check to see when your polling place opens. Polling places across the state close at 9 p.m.

If you live in Buffalo or downstate, you can vote first thing in the morning starting at 6 a.m.

If you live pretty much anywhere else in say Binghamton, Rochester or Albany, you will not be able to vote until noon.

Cuomo’s campaign has not yet responded to requests for more information about the mailer in question.

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