Lawmakers call for illuminated signs on ride-share vehicles amidst student’s death; local reaction

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Lawmakers are calling for new legislation to be put into place following the death of one South Carolina student. 

This piece of legislation calls for illuminated signage on ride-share vehicles.

The decision comes after 21 – year old Samantha Josephson was murdered after she mistakenly went into a vehicle she mistook for an Uber.

Police apprehended suspect Nathaniel David Rowland, 24, after an officer saw him driving the same car that matched the information of the vehicle found in surveillance footage.

Over the years, the society that we live in has evolved.

“We were taught don’gt get into a car with strangers, now we are saying it’s ok, ” said Director of Community Engagement George Kuntz III.

Since Josephsons death, Uber has launched an awareness campaign. Under state law, ride-share drivers are required to have reflective stickers on the vehicle. 

One local Elmira native, musician and Uber driver, believes ride – share services are headed in the right direction.

“With instances that happen like this, safety is a top priority,” said Kathryn Cook. “In both cases, for the Uber driver and a passenger. It is very important so that you know you are clear and that you are getting into somebody’s car that you don’t know,” added Cook. 

Students at Elmira College said it’s impportant to pay attetntion and make changes where necessary. 

“Try to strike up conversation to see if you’re on the same page,” said Elmira College student Carissa Neary.

“I think that it’s good, it’ll help have people trust Uber more,” said Elmira College Graduate Assistant Shannon Mercer. 

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