NEW YORK STATE (WWTI) — State Authorities are warning of the rise in catalytic converter thefts in New York.

New York State Police are currently investigating numerous complaints of stolen catalytic converters from vehicles. These incidents have been occurring throughout the Columbia County area.

According to NYSP, these crimes are being committed at all hours of the day. Police warned that vehicles parked close to the roadways or have high-valued catalytic converters are more likely to be targeted.

Although as of April 14, crimes had been centralized in Columbia County, authorities are strongly urging owners across New York to take percautions to prevent these thefts in other areas.

These percautions include always locking vehicles and parking in well-lit locations. Additionally, NYSP said that exterior sensor lighting, driveway alarms and video surveillance systems may also help prevent vehicles from being targeted or aid in criminal investigations.

Community members can further prevent these crimes by remaining vigilant and reporting any signs of suspicious activity immediately to local law enforcement.

To report a past occurred crime, call the New York State Police at 845-677-7300. For an emergency response, call 911.