(NEWS10) – This week on Empire State Weekly, the New York Attorney General’s Office released the findings of a criminal investigation into the sexual harassment allegations of the former governor, Andrew Cuomo. Now the office has begun releasing thousands of pages of transcripts and exhibits from their investigation. Concerns now arising as to how this will impact any criminal charges the former governor could face in the near future.

The Attorney General’s Office said multiple District Attorneys asked they refrain from publicly releasing the transcripts and other evidence so their offices could investigate and decide whether to file criminal charges against the former Governor. We speak with Attorney Daniel Alonso with the Buckley Law Firm to discuss the legal issues surrounding the release of the transcripts. Alonso served as an Assistant U.S. Attorney and Chief of the Criminal Division for the Eastern District of New York, and Chief Assistant District Attorney in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.

According to Alonso, it’s never ideal for detailed information pertaining to the facts to be in the public domain when a criminal investigation has yet to go public itself, as witness testimony can be influenced by the public reporting of the facts. Alonso also weighs in on how the criminal complaint filed against Cuomo in Albany County plays a role in this after Attorney General Letitia James said the complaint’s filing was the driving factor in releasing the transcripts pertaining to the investigation.

“You would think the DA and the police are coordinating on that, that didn’t seem to happen here.” says Alonso, “I don’t know anyone who thinks that was handled correctly.” Alonso goes on to say that for a case of this complexity, it’s a travesty that Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple filed the complaint without approval from or consulting with District Attorney David Soares beforehand.

We also gauge New York’s economic future as new statistics from the U.S. Labor Department show prices in almost every sector have risen more in the past 12 months than they have annually over a span of three decades.

Financial expert Hugh Johnson of Graypoint Investment Managers and Financial Advisors gives us his take on the factors contributing to the rising inflation rate and shares his predictions as to when New York consumers can expect to start feeling some financial relief.

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