NEW YORK (WETM) – The cost at the pump for many cities across New York has stayed flat over the last week, according to AAA, even as the statewide gas tax suspension ended with the new year. But the Empire State’s average gas price is still sitting almost 20 cents above the national average.

AAA reports that as of January 3, 2023, the statewide average price of a gallon of gas was $3.42, up just one cent from a week ago. This is up 19 cents from the national average of $3.23.

In the Southern Tier, prices have actually gone down a few cents from last week, according to AAA’s data. In Elmira the Jan. 4 average was $3.30 (down 5 cents); in Ithaca, it was $3.55 (down 3 cents); in Binghamton, it was $3.43 (down 2 cents).

However, the statewide pause on the gas tax implemented in June 2022 expired on January 1, 2023. It’s unclear how this will affect gas prices moving forward, but New Yorkers will likely see a tighter squeeze on their wallets at the pump as we head into the new year.

AAA’s average prices for cities across NY are below, as of Jan. 4:

  • Albany: $3.43 (up 2 cents from last week)
  • Binghamton: $3.44 (down 1 cent from last week)
  • Buffalo: $3.44 (down 2 cents from last week)
  • Elmira: $3.30 (down 5 cents from last week)
  • Ithaca: $3.55 (down 3 cents from last week)
  • NYC: $3.47 (no change)
  • Rochester: $3.48 (down 2 cents from last week)
  • Syracuse: $3.40 (no change)
  • Watertown: $3.43 (down 2 cents from last week)

Local leaders, including State Senator Tom O’Mara and Assemblymember Phil Palmesano voiced their frustration at the State allowing the pause to expire, saying leaders should have voted to extend it.

“Now is the worst time for Governor Hochul and Albany’s Democrat legislative majorities to reimpose the full force of one of America’s highest gas taxes,” O’Mara said, in part. “Families and all New Yorkers are already struggling to make ends meet and ending the commonsense suspension of New York’s gas tax only makes their burden heavier.”

“Not only should we slash the gas tax, but we should vote on and pass our Assembly Minority Conference’s Inflation Relief and Consumer Assistance legislation (A.8481 of 2022),” Palmesano added. “This is clearly not the time to increase gas prices even further on seniors, farmers and families. Suspending the gas tax is a small, but necessary step in the right direction to help provide New York families with some relief.”