ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – New York State Department of Transportation Commissioner (DOT), Marie Therese Dominguez, announces a successful statewide “Trash Blitz”. 1,650 DOT maintenance employees and office staff participated in a “Trash Blitz” across the state to commemorate Earth Day 2022 and encourage motorists to properly dispose of trash.

According to the DOT, the teams across regions collected 11,146 bags of litter along State highways. The purpose of the “Trash Blitz” is to remove litter from numerous State-owned highways and bring awareness to motorists that littering tarnishes the beautiful landscape of the region and threatens both the safety of the roadway and the natural habitat surrounding it, says the DOT.

The 11,146 bags of trash were picked up in all corners of the state, including:

  • Capital Region (NYSDOT Region 1) – 550 bags
  • Mohawk Valley (Region 2) – 311 bags
  • Central NY (Region 3) – 879 bags
  • Finger Lakes (Region 4) – 500 bags
  • Western NY (Region 5) – 682 bags
  • Western Southern Tier (Region 6) – 120 bags
  • North Country (Region 7) – 40 bags
  • Hudson Valley (Region 8) – 4,128
  • Long Island (Region 10) – 3,856 bags
  • New York City (Region 11) – 80 bags

This year, Region 9 (Binghamton area) did not participate due to a snowstorm. Cleanup work will continue throughout the year, says the DOT.

According to the DOT, litter, particularly plastic bags, can clog drains and cause roadway flooding or chemicals to seep into water supplies with highway storm run-off. The DOT urges motorists to extend the results of this major cleanup by keeping their personal trash inside their vehicles until they can dispose of it at proper trash receptacles.