NEW YORK (WETM) – A new report on wage and salary increases in New York State in March 2023 showed that while pay did increase compared to the same time last year, it slowed down compared to recent months.

ADP Research Institute released its March 2023 pay insights report that showed an over 6.9% increase in pay across the country. In general, over the past two years, young workers (ages 16-24) have seen bigger pay jumps, as well as those who change jobs.

According to the report, women have also seen slightly larger pay increases over the last year, as well as leisure and hospitality workers.

In New York, the year-over-year pay increase was 6.5% for March 2023. In Pennsylvania, it was 6.5%. These are on the lower end of the country-wide numbers. Wyoming saw the highest year-over-year growth at 10.5%, and Montana came in second with 9.9%.

In terms of median pay across the state, New York has $63,500 and Pennsylvania has a median income of $58,300.