ALBANY, N.Y. (WTEN) — Some state lawmakers are proposing action since the Supreme Court extended New York gun laws. The court deciding “proper cause” to conceal and carry was unconstitutional. The Court deemed proper cause was in violation of the 14th amendment.

Saying this prevents law-abiding citizens from keeping and bearing arms in public, but Assemblywoman Amy Paulin says this ruling makes her feel unsafe and she thinks New Yorkers will feel the same. 

“It’s gonna mean more guns are all over the streets. People are gonna be afraid to go to bars, restaurants, and public transit, unless we come back and do legislation prohibiting that. It’s shocking that we could be at this point.” said Paulin.

The Assemblywoman is proposing five pieces of legislation, some to get around the courts ruling. One would prohibit the possession of guns in sensitive places, which she says should be defined in the state law, “And it’s a whole assortment of places, like mass transit, restaurants and bars, large public gatherings.”

She’s also proposing legislation that would require mental health professionals to administer evaluations for those looking to own a firearm, “Imagine someone who is mentally deranged getting a permit, under the current system that’s very possible,” said Paulin.

Assembly Minority Leader, Will Barclay says he’s pleased with the court’s ruling, and is willing to address legislation to prevent gun violence. But when it comes to New York’s gun laws, he’s always felt the state’s conceal and carry was over-restricted. 

“New York is the outlier. 43 other states will now have what presumably New York will undertake as a result of the Supreme Court ruling. And it doesn’t show that crime is more substantial in those states. It’s not these permit carriers committing the crimes. It’s illegal guns, etc, that are out on the streets. Gang violence, etc that are causing the crime,” he said.

Lawmakers say New York could convene for a special session to address gun legislation.