(WETM) – You could be paying more for both your streaming services, and ride sharing apps, if some proposals in the New York State legislature get passed. 

The state assembly is pushing for new taxes on digital streaming products. These would affect services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+.

Meanwhile, the state senate is proposing a surcharge on ride sharing services. The most popular ride sharing services include Uber and Lyft. The money would go toward transit systems across the state.

“I know when this was proposed, it wasn’t really my cup of tea,” said Assemblyman John Mcdonald. “On the other hand, I do believe you need to have a statement of values. Do I want more resources for upstate transit? Absolutely.”

Some democrats like Assemblyman John Mcdonald agree with the idea. But state republicans are concerned about the impact this could have on every day New Yorkers.