WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWTI) — Gas prices have increased slightly in the past week.

This was confirmed in a weekly report from AAA Western and Central New York on April 25. The national price for a gallon of gasoline was $4.12, which was four cents higher than prices a week before.

Gas prices across New York also increased. New York’s average was $4.23 at the time of the report, which was a five-cent increase over last week. In Elmira, prices were slightly under the statewide average, sitting at $4.21

Additional rates across New York are listed below:

  • Batavia: $4.21, down 2 cents from last week
  • Buffalo: $4.21, down 2 cents from last week
  • Elmira: $4.21, up 8 cents from last week
  • Ithaca: $4.21, up 2 cents from last week
  • Rochester: $4.28, up 1 cent from last week
  • Rome: $4.25, up 3 cents from last week
  • Syracuse: $4.24, up 3 cents from last week
  • Watertown: $4.25, up 1 cent from last week

According to AAA, the slight rise in prices was driven by increased oil prices as they hit $100 per barrel on Monday morning. AAA said this was caused by the war in Ukraine, the fear of less Russian oil entering the market.

Motorists are urged to conserve fuel during this time by mapping routes, avoiding peak traffic times like rush hour and combining errands into one trip while using cruise control. Drivers should also make sure their vehicle’s tire pressure is at the recommended level while removing any unnecessary and bulky items from the car.