The Rockwell Museum is hosting its third and final event for the Smithsonian Speaker Series.

Eduardo Diaz will be the speaker on Thursday and he’s the director of the Smithsonian Latino Center.

Prior, Diaz was the executive director of the largest Latino cultural center in the United States – the National Hispanic Cultural Center.

The last two events were a success and focused on the importance of diversity throughout the Smithsonian network. 

Thursday’s event is called First Voice: Latino Representation at the Smithsonian.

“Eduardo is going to bring his area of expertise which is working in the Latino community,” Rockwell Programs and Events Manager Brett Smith said. “In particular for this program he’s going to be discussing how the Smithsonian is actively insuring that the Latino voice is maintaining a presence throughout the Smithsonian network.”

The event is from 6 P.M. to 7 P.M.

Rockwell members are free, students are $5 dollars, and what the museum ckwell likes to call “not-yet-members” are $10 dollars.

It’s encouraged to sign up ahead of time at