(NEXSTAR) – Twitter announced Monday that all users will have a new level of control when it comes to managing their followers.

Last month, Twitter Support announced that they were testing the ability to remove followers manually without blocking them.

Now anyone can trim unwanted followers by going to their profile, clicking “followers,” then clicking the three-dot icon and selecting “remove this follower.”

Other social media apps, such as Instagram, have already offered the tool as a more surreptitious way of keeping one’s content out of the feeds of unwanted users.

Previously, a blocked Twitter user would see that they had been barred from seeing someone’s tweets and interacting with them, which could give rise to angry retaliation on other platforms.

Some users resorted to a workaround called a “soft block,” which entailed blocking an abusive user, which removed that person from the list of followers, then unblocking them, according to TechCrunch.

Bloomberg reported last month that Twitter is working on several privacy tools, including archiving tweets, hiding liked tweets and leaving conversations.