The Van Etten Village Board postponed a vote on whether or not to adopt a proposal for dissolution, because they needed more time to look over their assets 

The proposal was drafted by CGR Group, a consulting company based in Rochester, and was explained to the Board during a meeting on Monday night. 

The Village’s most valuable assets is their water system, fire equipment, and the village offices. Those assets will go to the town, if the village is unable to sell them before dissolving. 

Brian Hyland, County Legislature of the 6th District, will be bringing in outside resources to help educate and give advice to the Board regarding their assets. One of those resources is the Elmira Water Board, which Hyland calls successful. 

Some residents at the event said the dissolution is being dragged on. 

“There could have been a decision made, but they want to take the time to look into these small details,” Maria Gautreaux, said.

“Some of the concerns are legitimate, and then there’s an aspect of prolonging it, and making it an issue of the future so it does not pass,” Andy Cornwell, another resident said. 

The residents voted for the dissolution in December, but Hyland said there is a lot of emotion involved. For example, the Village Fire Department that would disappear along with the Village. 

“It’s been here for years,” Hyland said. “There’s generations of people that have served there.”

Mike Merick has been with the Fire Department for 8 years. 

“It’s crazy, it’s a 118 year old fire station,” Merick said. “It’s totally wrong.” 

While the board will be seeking advice for their assets, under the law, they have until early June to vote on the proposal