When to Plant Vegetables in the Twin Tiers

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With the warmer weather comes the opportunity for time outdoors, and for some that means getting their hands dirty – in the garden!

Local gardening creates a positive impact and improves access to fresh fruits and vegetables.

But the recent rainy weather could affect your crops and there is a certain time of the year when you should start planting your vegetable seeds.

Kim Haskins, owner of Haskins Gardens in Elmira advises to “wait until Memorial Day to get your vegetable plants in.”

However, Haskins said people are probably going to jump the gun anyway and that it is safe to start planting.

Spring is the best time to plant most of your vegetable seeds after the last frost.  With the weather going up and down in the Twin Tiers, planting season has been pushed back but Haskins says what you need to really worry about is the low temperatures at night.

Haskins also advises to use potting soil with a good mixture of nutrients for your vegetable garden as well as compost.

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